About Coamor

Hello Doll Lovers, We Are Coamr! We are dedicated to becoming a TOP Expert in the doll industry.

Coamor was established by Luke, an enthusiast of sex dolls. His passion for sex dolls began in 2018 and quickly grew to encompass various aspects of the industry. From visiting over 60 sex doll factories in China and designing sex dolls to launching a doll related products, Luke’s interests went beyond just the physical attributes of the dolls. He views them not only as instruments of pleasure but also as a unique lifestyle choice.

As the sex doll industry grows, there’s a surge in factories and dealers offering products of varying quality. This makes it hard for both beginners and seasoned buyers to find reliable information and trustworthy sellers. So Luke started creating the Coamor brand. His aim was to enlighten more people about sex dolls and ensure that they received the most professional service and best dolls.

To Be Expert and Leader

We aim to be leaders in the sex doll industry. Our focus isn’t just on selling dolls; we want to offer our customers expert knowledge and insights.

Marvel was the first to start a professional video channel about sex dolls. He’s happy to share what he knows to help people get a better understanding of these dolls. We’re also working with a psychology professor, who’s an expert in this field, to do more research and help the sex doll industry grow.

Excellent Service and Select Partners

It’s not about more sex dolls, it’s about better ones.

We choose only those manufacturers who offer excellent products and services, ensuring that the doll you receive matches its description. Each doll we sell is made to order, so production starts only after your order is placed. This means a waiting period is unavoidable.

We will provide transparent and exceptional service throughout the process—from order placement, through production and shipping, to after-sales support.

The Evolution of Coamor Team

June 2018: Getting Started

Three enthusiasts of sex dolls in China teamed up. They became active participants in doll forums and communities, offering both design and photography services to some factories.

October 2020: Launch of the First Sex Doll Fund

We started a special money pool to help the doll world grow. Since then, we’ve been backing gatherings for doll enthusiasts and have drawn even more fans to us.

October 2021: Related Product Online Store

We launched Coeros, the world’s first brand dedicated to sex doll related products, and we designed cleaning, standing and storage products.

2024 Leading the way forward

We’ve noticed the doll market is experiencing a case of ‘bad money driving out good’. Many sellers provide misleading information and sell fake dolls, leading to numerous customers being deceived. At the beginning of 2023, we began planning to establish a truly trustworthy sex doll brand, and thus, Coamor was born.

Join Us

We’re looking for sex doll enthusiasts to team up with Coamor and push the sex doll industry forward. Bring your passion and help shape the future with us.