SMD means ‘Selling My Dolls.’ We want to help doll lovers find more lifelike dolls and improve the sex doll industry. We’re inviting doll owners to share their dolls with a larger audience by following these steps:

  1. Take Photos and Write About Your Doll: Snap good pictures of your doll and write a short story about her. Then, send these to us.
  2. Content Evaluation: Our team will look at your photos and story. If it meets our standards, we’ll pay you $100 as a token of our appreciation.
  3. Product Listing: We’ll feature your doll on the page. We will also send you a unique link, when someone buys a doll using your link, you get extra money.
  4. We Handle the Sale: If someone purchases your doll, we will send the same doll to the user.

We’re excited to work with doll fans to make a fun and diverse doll world. Join us and share your hobby with others!

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