Silicone Sex Doll 172cm Model 10 Laura


  • Default Options

    Implanted eyebrows and eyelashes.

    Movable Eyes

    *Skin Color

    *Head Type

    The soft head will be made as a softer silicone head without oral function but have a soft touch feeling.
    please note: The soft head isn't as detailed as the hard one.
    Head #4 Ji Xiang is a soft silicone head with oral function by default.

    *Hair Implanted

    Synthetic hair is used for the hair implants.

    Gynoid proposes one hair style and hair color shown as the hair implant demo video.


    *Eye Color

  • *Areola Color

    *Feet Type

    Butt Softness

    *Vagina Type

    *Pubic Hair

    *Vagina Shape

    Default Free Option

    EVO Skeleton.

    *Skeleton Joints

    Standard: Ideal For Posing

    Loose Joint: Ideal For Physical Contact

    Loose skeleton has only a few joints as normal,they are wrist, waist, fingers and neck.

    *Extra Softness

    NOTE*: Please be aware that full body extra softness including butts will be applied to the whole body except for the head, breasts, and vagina. It will add additional 4-6Kg to the whole body. Extreme care needed in storage to avoid soft butts deformation: lying body with pillows to lift the butt is the most recommended storage method by Gynoid.

    Functional Option


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