Silicone Sex Doll 170cm


  • *Skin Color

    The skin color of the doll's head is the same as the doll's by default.

    *Head Type

    Hard silicone heads come with implanted eyebrows and eyelashes by default; soft silicone heads have eyebrows attached and eyelashes glued on.
    Soft silicone heads cannot have implanted hair.

    Only soft silicone heads can be equipped with an electric oral sex feature.

    Head Functional Option

    *Hair Implanted

    *Implanted Hair Color


    *Eye Color

  • *Breast Type

    *Areola Color

    *Areola Size

    *Nail Color

    *Toenail Color

    *Hands Type

    *Feet Type



    *Vagina Type

    *Vagina Color

    *Vagina Hair Type

    *Vagina Texture

    Functional Option

    New Robot Features


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