TPE Sex Doll 162cm


  • Sales Promotion

    1. Free Second Extra Head (Optional)
    2. Free Implanted Pubic Hair (None by default, Optional)
    3. Free Extra Wig (Random)

    Standard Specifications

    Full TPE Material Built-in stainless steel alloy skeleton

    Doll Head:
    Enhance Mouth or Real Oral Sex (ROS)

    Doll Body:
    Hyper-realism Body Painting
    Shrugging Shoulder
    Articulated Fingers
    Standing Feet

    Build Your Own

    *Skin Color

    The skin color of the doll's head is the same as the doll's by default.

    *Hair Implanted

    *Implanted Hair Color

    *Hair Style

    *Eye Color


    *Mouth Type


  • *Breast Type

    *Areola Color

    *Areola Size

    *Nail Color

    *Toenail Color

    *Feet Type

    *Vagina Type

    *Labia Color

    *Pubic Hair Type


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