Wholesale Sex Dolls

Choosing the right suppliers and partners is a tough game. Many doll-seller was on the same page: it’s crucial to partner with the right brand and stay updated with the latest trends. Since launching Coamor, we’ve started offering a range of services to other doll businesses – from wholesaling and shipping to customer support and beyond.

Wholesale Sex Dolls

Drawing on our 6-year partnership with factories and leveraging China’s location benefits, we offer competitively priced, top-quality dolls to to make you stand out in the industry competition.

We’re actively looking for partnerships with:

  • Traditional sex toy retailers
  • Sex doll establishments
  • Adult entertainment venues
  • Any merchants looking for bulk orders.

Please Note: The MOQ for wholesale sex dolls is 8 pieces.


Drop-shipping is when a person, or company, sells goods on their website that they do not keep in stock. When an order is received, they send those orders to another company to ship the goods directly to the buyer.

We’ve come across numerous companies looking to sell their doll-websites. As a sex doll enthusiast, we believe these sites and projects shouldn’t be sold off. Instead, the focus should be on enhancing services for doll lovers and advancing the entire doll industry. This is why we offer dropshipping service.

Drop shipping can make it easier for you to start a business. You only need to sell dolls or obtain traffic, and leave all production, transportation, and even customer service to us. Sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

Want to start a doll business faster and easier? You can also check out our affiliate.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.